Search Time Reduction
Skills Matrix



Client tests food products for the food industry. Turnaround time is critical as delays can cause food to rot waiting for test results. Unreasonably long test lead times was causing customer dissatisfaction. Client was desperate to improve turnaround times but complexity of the test process and the large number of tests being conducted made it extremely difficult.



1. Process mapping showed lots of waste in the process.
2. Poor organisation of the chemical store caused lots of delays searching for the right chemical.
3. Resource utilisation due to poor work sequence was causing much idle time.


Work Done:

- The process was mapped to identify waste and bottlenecks.
- 5S was rolled out in the chemical store and search time dropped from 1.2min to 0.4min per sample.
- Work sequence was optimised to improve resource utilisation.
- Cross Skilled the workforce to improve resource flexibility.



Test Turnaround Time reduced from 14 hours to 8.5 hours.



Service Industry - Testing of Products for the Food Industry.