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Client is based in Australia and is part of a global conglomerate. Corporate HQ had embarked on a programme to roll out Operations Excellence (OpX) in all their plants across the world. Their Australian plant was among the last to implement the programme that had by then matured to a high level. They required a proficient external consultancy to carry out their plan in the Australian plant so that it would remain profitable in a highly competitive environment.



1. The OpX programme was developed jointly with HQ located in Europe.
2. The programme was to be implemented in the Australian plant in 2 phases.
3. The task was to coach a champion and internal resources be independent in-house facilitators.


Work Done:

- Conducted detail assessment of the plant to gauge its level of maturity.
- Agreed on the sequence of implementation and timeline.
- Trained in-house personnel to facilitate internal teams after the implementation.
- Implemented 5S, Tiered Visual Boards, Gemba, and other initiatives over 2 years.



Continuous Improvement of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Morale. Relevant KPIs were cascaded through the organisation via tiered visual boards and results monitored regularly by management. The Programme was sustained over the long term by a global reporting structure, by the use of internal facilitators, and Layered Audits.



Food Industry.