Process Map - BEFORE (1)
Process Map - AFTER (1)


Production planning was overly dependent on one person’s ‘tribal knowledge’ of the process. The necessary information was in different formats and scattered across the organisation. There was over reliance on intuitive decision making due to lack of coherent decision criteria. This resulted in poor planning, which in turn caused poor delivery performance, customer dissatisfaction, and negatively affected employee morale.



1. Interfaces between different departments in the planning process was not clear.
2. Information required was scattered across the organisation and therefore difficult to access.
3. Over reliance on the one planner - hence delays when the planner was away.


Work Done:

- The production planning process was mapped in detail with input from all stakeholders.
- Information for the planning process and its location was identified.
- Decision criteria for the planning process at each step was established.
- A future state map and automation plan was drawn up with input from the ICT department.



The production planning process was automated which helped improve delivery performance.



Heavy Industry - Production of Warehouse Racking Systems.