Targeted Process Improvement

Perhaps your business does not yet need a full-blown Operations Excellence program or you may already have one in place.

Either way, there’s always a need for continuous training of your people in process improvement methodologies, perhaps to tackle a pressing issue with a targeted approach. These could be delivery, quality, or cost issues that need better organizing, planning, capacity analysis, problem-solving, quick changeovers, inventory reduction, and so on.

PDCA has courses specially tailored towards a focused improvement strategy. Once you have identified the real underlying issues, then get the right people trained and coached on the right methods.

Peruse our list of offerings, download the brochure to learn more, and select an appropriate course. We can help with issue identification, course selection, and customization.

Whether you are a business looking for a specific method to solve an issue or whether you are an individual wanting to upgrade your process improvement skills, we have the course for you. If you don’t find what you are looking for, get in touch and we will consider your requirements.

Our courses have been developed by specialists who provide expert coaching and guidance to participants. This ensures correct and practical knowledge is imparted. Work-related assignments are given to participants so that their learning is used straightaway for maximum benefit to client business.

Workshops may be on-site at client premises OR Instructor-led ONLINE classes with COACHING. Instructor-led online classes with coaching are superior to self-paced online learning.

Classes can be scheduled after-hours for your convenience and course duration and content can be customized.