Who We Are

We are result orientated professionals with expertise gained through decades of working in the improvement space within esteemed companies in various industries, from manufacturing to the service sector. Over the years, we have seen what works and what doesn’t and so our programmes have evolved to a high degree of maturity. As such, those who engage our services receive exceptional value as evident in the testimonials of our clients’ experience.

What We Do

We improve Business Growth & Sustainability, Productivity, Cost, Quality, Delivery, Safety, Environment, and Employee Performance. We do this by working closely with clients to apply customised proven methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and their associated tools and techniques. We also conduct targeted training programmes either onsite face-to-face or via instructor-lead online training courses with coaching for maximum effectiveness.


How We Do It

We first discuss with client and understand the issues fully using our proprietary diagnosis tool. Once the real issues are known, we collaborate with client team to set mutually agreed goals and objectives. Appropriate approach, methodology, and training is selected with input and buy-in of client.  We help client to drive progress and achieve desired results by using our PDCA Change Management System, starting with promoting awareness and instilling a sense of urgency. We foster engagement with client team early on and maintain momentum through the programme.

The PDCA Way

Objectives, Methodology, and Targets are established with client agreement. More important than tools and techniques is a healthy improvement culture and having good rapport with client team. So where required, we apply our people performance programmes to great effect. Only proven, accepted methodologies, tools and techniques are used and they are tailored to suit client needs and priorities. To sustain results long term, we empower client team by transferring necessary skills so they achieve independence in their continuous improvement efforts.