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The value of the A3 Report cannot be overstated. It helps organise thoughts and communicate proposals and project progress in an easy to read style. Its surprising how many organisations don’t have a simple template for their employees to write reports in an organised manner. Here is an A3 reporting template from our LEAN files. Use it to impress your manager.

In order to solve a problem, you must first determine the root cause or causes. Otherwise, you’ll likely be going down the wrong track. 5-Why is not only a simple and highly effective technique to drill down into the root causes. It is also an excellent tool to communicate your investigation process. When people know how and why you determined the root causes, there will be no reason for disagreement. Download this template and apply it in your projects.

So many manufacturers operate without an objective understanding of their standard cycle times. From cycle time comes capacity and standard times. Without knowing the standard time, it is impossible to work out product cost accurately. Not knowing the capacity makes it very difficult to predict output in a meaningful way. Download this template to help you determine your process cycle times. With this you will be able to work out bottlenecks in your process.

Takt Time is a core Lean concept. Cycle Time is often confused with Takt Time. Cycle Time is the amount of time it takes to make one piece. Takt time is the amount of time available for making that one piece. So naturally, where Takt Time is less than Cycle Time, there will be a problem meeting customer demand.

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